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Taurean’s Kitchen

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Sketch Pad

The Page comprises three categories. Free verses, tales from kitchen and sketches. These are three forms of expressions through which you may connect & extend thoughts. Art in the form of literature, Art in the form of culinary and Art in the form of lines.


T H E . D.O.T

What is a DOT? During the childhood days, many must have come across connect the dot puzzle, from one to the other and further leading to an image, seeing the image the child smiles. The DOT never just say stop but does give a chance to begin a new line, a new chapter. A DOT extends to a line, leaves a mark and triggers curiosity.

You may connect reconnect or mark a point and begin a creative exploration.

Some ideas trickle over a conversation, gratitude to my three friends for bringing back the idea which was left to rust a year back.

May be this is a chance for making a mark.

Peter.H.Reynolds quotes in his creatrilogy THE DOT,

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