Asha’s Moms Chutney

I have tasted many chutney’s with Dosa, but this one has a magic spell in it. Tasted it first on a Saturday evening when Asha’s mom visited us at Trivandrum. Asha is my best friend and we were working together at TVM. The day aunty visited, she prepared this lovely chutney, that very moment I fell in love with the taste. From then any time she visited us or I visited their house at Thrissur, a bowl for sure is kept aside for me. Later when I moved to Bangalore, I started to miss out on the yumminess of this rich chutney. More than thrice Asha shared with me the recipe over phone, I kept forgetting. Finally she had to mail it to me with a header “Dear coach raani, If you ask for this recipe one more time I will go mad”. Now I don’t miss the chutney, but I do miss the smile at aunty’s face each time she serves it. For that reason I call this special chutney ” Asha’s Moms Chutney”.

Thank you for the recipe!!!

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