Could It be spicier?

On a regular visit to my bestie’s home, while returning his mom gives a jar full of “Kanthari mulak” (A very spicy green chilly), looks smaller in size but the flavor is 1000 times bigger.

There is no such reason for me to explore a dish, yet we get to host a dinner the very next day. On average out of the 20 meals I cook, 18 will be chicken, A flit from the regular dishes, I thought of making something with fish. Ha! Can I make the very famous “Red meen curry”, the recipe which got transferred from my granny to amma to and all my aunts….. mmmm maybe not this time!!

Oh yeah, there is a jar in the corner winking at me! Now things are at a faster pace, relishing the taste from our own pride “The Paragon”, I decide to go for it ” Kanthari Fish Fry”… The spicy, tangy, green green green, juicy, tender fish. Dip in the mint chutney, take a bite and it feels heaven!

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