It’s Christmas Time, Here Comes the Brownies

The month of December brings a lot of excitement to me, the season when air is filled with the fragrance of chocolates and cookies. The first time I baked brownies were in 2017, until then whenever I craved for it, there was a store near by from I go grab one. With all my tools ready, the process started for the 2020 brownies. An hour of mixing & blending, its all put to set…..the moist yet crunchy, chocolaty butter filled brownies melting in the mouth.

I ‘am Saved By His GRACE

Flipping the pages of my yesterdays,
I see darkness, lost in the midst of a deserted land.
A voice echoed “A call back to home”
Heard, yet not turning back
Walked to the path that led nowhere
I’m unworthy, I’m lost
Yet he chose to love me
I’m Saved by his GRACE

Search for the taste

Back in 90s, when my cousins and myself lined in our grandma’s kitchen for her morning “Lace Appam & Stew”, we wondered if she does magic to add a special flavor to her dish. The taste of her dishes, is still a work of art for me. Having the taste left as a memory, I searched and tried it on a Christmas Day morning a year back “The Stew from my granny’s kitchen”. May be it isn’t the same, may be it shouldn’t be the same, yet it brought a smile on my face & my mom’s.


The story didn’t start thus it didn’t end

The tale wasn’t told thus no one heard

Left Untold

Remained Unfinished

If the story had started, the tale was told

May be

The lines wouldn’t end here…